Saturday, April 19, 2008

Acquisitions: Quarter Bin Bonanza, part Tres

Well kids, I'd planned on waiting until Free Comic Book Day (May 3rd!) before heading down to Galactic Quest for another quarter bin raid. Circumstances have changed a bit, and I'll be spending FCBD in Greenville instead. Since I had some free time this weekend, I went ahead and pillaged me some quarter bins!

Good haul this time, here's the details:

Doctor Strange: Slim pickins this time, but I did grab some later Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme issues: 61, 71, 74

Defenders: Holy crap, they must have put out some new stuff, or else I missed these the first time around, but there were a ton of classic era Defenders in the quarter bins this time! I got issues 64, 84, 90, 109, 113, 117, 118, 133

Firestorm: Only issue issue this time, #6 of vol.2

Moon Knight: Just two issues, but it brings me ever closer to completing my collection: 36, and 54 of Marc Spector: Moon Knight

Random Stuff: I got a TON of random weirdness this time around, not the least of which is several issues each of Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe and Who's Who in the DCU. I used to have complete sets of both of these as a kid, and I'm super excited about getting them back! I also picked up more 2 more issues of Amethyst, #4 of the first series and the Special that ended the second. I also found another issue of Strike Force: Morituri, #22. I found a random issue each of Warlord and Micronauts, along with the first issue of The 'Nam from the regular back issues. The latter two are coming with me to Heroescon for Michael Golden to sign. There were a few issues of What if...? that found their way into my pile as well, namely 6, 25, 28, and 29 (all from the quarter bins!).

I also grabbed a few things for other people. There were a few issues of Marvel Team-up that I'm offering to Rick, plus some random Teen Titans and Night Thrasher issues for non-blogger Joe. Luke got in on the deal as well, with 4 issues of Iron Man, some Conan and some Magnus: Robot Fighter.

And last but certainly not least: Green Arrow!

Nothing in the quarter bins, unfortunately, but I did get some stuff out of the regular back issues namely 126, 127, and annual 6 from the 90's run.

Now, we wait for FCBD and Heroescon!

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james said...

You got a great deal on those Defenders. It's good to know someone else appreciates that series.