Monday, March 10, 2008

Admin note: Sporadic Updates

Dear readers, I regretfully inform you that posting will be sporadic to non-existent for the next week or so. Your humble correspondent is being sent to Sin City (Las Vegas, not the Frank Miller book) for a trade show by the dastardly villains at his day job (running a blog no one reads pays surprisingly little). I will have access to the internet, but obviously not to my collection or a scanner.



BentonGrey said...

Hey Adama, such are the vagaries of real life, huh? Anyway, we'll be looking forward to your triumphant return!

Adama said...

Yeah, and they get even more vague when you miss your connecting flight asnd get stuck in Phoenix for the night. C'est la vie. Expect some triumph on Monday.

BentonGrey said...

Ohh man, that stinks! I hate it when that happens. Well, get home safe!