Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Non-GA Spotlight:: Justice League Europe #2

Issue: Justice League Europe #2

Title: Somebody Up There Hates Us

Credits: Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis (writing) Bart Sears (pencils) Gene D'Angelo (colors) Pablo Marcos (inks)

Cover Date: May, 1989

Overview: The JLE begin the issue by looking into the incident that occured in the last issue by having Sue Dibney (who has volunteered for permanent monitor duty) use the JLE computer to cross reference Nazi and meta-human activity. The computer spits out 3 results, one in Frankfurt, Germany, one in Dover, England, and one in Santa Cruz, CA.

The team decides to split up and investigate each site. Animal Man and Captain Atom head to California, where they find the Neo-Nazi camp in ruins. Just as they land, they're attacked by a super powered Viking, who accuses them of being in cahoots with the Nazis. They scuffle for a bit, but Cap. Atom eventually tires of the game and stuns the man with a bolt of energy. The only trouble is, it seems to have done more than stun him, the Viking is in a coma!

Power Girl and Rocket Red fly to Frankfurt, where they find their building in ruins as well. Suddenly, they're accosted by a meta-human with light based powers. After another fight, Power Girl knocks him out, but "Rising Sun" ends up in a coma as well!

Finally, Metamorpho, Flash, and Ralph Dibney take a ferry to Dover (the London teleporters were broken) only to be ambushed by yet another superhuman, Tuatara. This guy has a nautical theme, and nearly drowns our heroes before being subdued, and falling into a coma!

The coda lets us know that all the previous events have been part of a scheme by an outfit called the Dome. Story continues in the next issue.

Thoughts: Another fun issue. Again, we have Captain Atom unsure of his command, but we also have lighter moments, like Sue Dibney's apparent crush on the dashing Captain (and Ralph's obvious reaction!). We also have a very serious moment as Power Girl and Rocket Red discuss the Nazis. After lamenting the loss of life at the Frankfurt facility, Kara accuses Dmitri of sympathizing with the Nazis. Dmitri counters that he's just upset at the death toll and reminds Power Girl that his country suffered under the Nazis to a much greater degree than the US. Sufficiently chastised, PG apologizes. I like when comics throw in bits of history like that. We'll see how the storyline plays out in the next issue. Until then folks, good day!


Anonymous said...

Hmm, that actually sounds pretty good. I've never read these JLE comics, but I do like all the characters involved. Maybe I should check them out.

Ohh, and I responded to your comment on Mia Dearden's dossier, trying to explain my objections, just so you don't think I'm some nostalgic reactionary.

Adama said...

I'm actually enjoying the JLE stories quite a bit. Its an eclectic group, to be sure, but I think the work. I've got the first 10 issues or so, maybe you can borrow them when I'm done. ;)

Anonymous said...

Haha, well that sounds like a plan! If DC ever gets around to putting their comics out on DVD compilations like Marvel, I wonder if JLE will be included with JLA...