Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dossier:: Brick

Real Name: Daniel Brickwell

Alias: Brick

First Appearance: Green Arrow vol. 3 #40

Modus Operandi: Super powered crime lord

Powers/Equipment: invulnerability and unspecified amount of super-strength. Criminal genius and ruler of Star City's underworld.

Backstory: Initially a low level enforcer in the Star City underworld, Danny "Brick" Brickwell used his keen criminal mind and impressive physical prowess to become undisputed ruler of the city's criminal element.

Concerned that a new player was horning in on their territory, Star City's current criminal overlords invited Brick to dinner for a chat. They threatened to kill him unless they were given a cut of his profits. In response, he had the building leveled with a missile, killing everyone inside. Except, that is, Danny Brickwell, who used his invulnerability to escape unharmed.

Arrested for murder, Brick proved himself above the law by killing the mayor and district attorney of Star City with a suicide bomber. Still not done, he bribed the new mayor's security detail and had her infant daughter kidnapped. With both the police and Green Arrow unable to find the child, the authorities were forced to release Brick.

Soon after, he was confronted by Green Arrow, who challenged him to a duel for control of the city. Unable to pierce Brick's invulnerable hide with his standard arrows, Ollie fired a fast drying glue arrow straight down the villain's throat. Unable to breath, he quickly gave up, but not before Ollie took the time to gloat over his victory.

After Dr. Light and Merlyn destroyed most of Star City, Green Arrow discovered Brick fighting crime in the ruined sections of the city. After working together to stop the flow of a new drug into the city, Green Arrow discovered that Brick was only fighting certain kinds of crime, namely the ones he wasn't running himself.

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