Monday, August 24, 2009

Crisis on Earth Blog Crossover!

Well folks, its that time again! What time you ask? Why time for another Crisis on Earth Blog Crossover, of course!

This time, we're focusing on the 25th Anniversary of the Super Powers line of action figures from Kenner. Green Arrow was featured in the second wave of this series, pictured below:

Unfortunately, I don't own this figure, so I can't review it on the site (I do have a new fig though, look for it soon ((I promise)). I can however, review the mini comic that came with GA and the other figs in the series. In fact, that's the main focus of the current Crisis on Earth Blog Crossover! Green Arrow's comic also features The Flash and Martian Manhunter.

First, we have the cover:
As you can see, everyone's favorite Emerald Archer is battling Kalibak, another character featured in the Super Powers line. We're not really sure who drew or wrote these books, but the cover is certainly well done and very dynamic! Note: the line features a large number of the New Gods of Apokolips as villains. I can only assume this was because of their recent high profile gigs on Super Friends.

On the second page, the story gets started...sort of:

Before we get to the story, we get a mail in card to join the Kenner Super Powers fan club. which apparently got you a bunch of swag and discounts on DC comics for $3.50. Not bad! Anyway, the action starts off in Star City, where the Martian Manhunter is presenting Green Arrow with an award! Apparently, the emerald duo is tired of waiting, since The Flash is late (again), so they proceed with the ceremony:

but wait, The Flash is here after all! He was just outside parking the inevitable vehicle tie in...I mean Delta Probe One. :) We also learn that GA's award is made from a "Martian Power Gem." I have no idea where J'onn's been keeping that thing all these years...but its probably best not to ask! Unfortunately, the gem has drawn some unwanted attention:

Kalibak arrives in his Boulder Bomber (also a vehicle in the Super Powers line) to steal the power gem for himself! Of course, J'onn J'onzz, The Martian Manhunter, is having none of that, and tries to tip Kalibak and his vehicle over! Unfortunately:

Kalibak launches a flaming..arrow...thing at J'onn and due to his race's weakness to fire, he's down for the count! Its here that GA first gets into the fight, trying to use a Fire Extinguisher Arrow to douse the flames and let J'onn recover, but he's foiled by the Boulder Bomber! Next:

The Flash comes in with reinforcements! Its a battle of the product placements, folks! The Delta Probe and Boulder Bomber fight it out with their included accessories, until GA intervenes again!

Unfortunately, another of Kalibak's accessories destroys GA's arrows before he can fire! Fortunately, Ollie is pretty quick on the uptake, and turns the tables on Kalibak:
Apparently one blow to the head by a normal human being can knock Kalbak out cold. Good to know :) Anyway, the boys put Kalibak in another of the Delta Probes product features, and call it a day!

The mini comic was obviously an excuse for more product placement, but it was very well done regardless. It combines some of my favorite characters (GA, MM, and the New Gods) into a fun little package. I only wish I had a copy myself!

As part of the blog crossover, several of my fellow comic bloggers are also going over and reviewing the comics that came with their favorites characters. Please click on the links below and check it out!
Action figure images courtesy of:
Mini-Comic scans courtesy of the Irredeemable Shag