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Crisis On Earth-Blog: The DC Challenge

Crisis On Earth-Blog: The DC Challenge

Welcome to Dispatches From The Arrowcave! I'm your guest host, Frank Lee Delano. Since November of 2007, Adama has crafted this blog, devoted to everyone's favorite Emerald Archer. Whether it be comics, toys, convention scenes or more, Adama has trained his sights (and yours) on all things Green Arrow. Unfortunately, Adama hasn't been able to update very regularly of late, and rather than leave you wanting, has graciously allowed me the chance to make you all an offering.

Today, a wealth of bloggers are taking part in "Crisis On Earth-Blog: The DC Challenge!" The greatest (and not so) heroes in DC Comics are the subjects of puzzles, quizzes, interactive original stories, and more. Each blog also contributes to a meta-challenge, helping you get closer to scans of obscure art and even more blogging fun than most folks can handle. We hope you'll take on the DC Challenge, starting right here with two trivia questions and the first part of a serial crossing over into other blogs. Also, I recommend taking advantage of Adama's break by catching up on his archive of fantastic posts! Enjoy!

Question #1: After an assassination attempt was made on former Green Arrow Connor Hawke, who did Ollie summon to take his son to the hospital?

A) Doctor Fate
B) The Flash
C) Superman
D) Plastic Man
E) I Don't Know

Question #2: Neal Adams was the artist who redesigned Green Arrow in the 1960s, giving Ollie Queen his trademark goatee. Which of the following characters did Adams co-create?

A) Batgirl
B) Man-Bat
C) Sgt. Rock
D) Firestorm
E) I Don't Know

...And now, here's the beginning of Green Arrow's story...


Life was pretty damned good for Ollie Queen. Sure, he wasn't a millionaire anymore, so the specialty shafts he fired with peerless precision as the urban vigilante Green Arrow just weren't as spectacular as they used to be. Didn't matter though, because his career as a heroic modern day super-archer was riding high. He felt good about having returned to the Justice League of America, alongside his pretty bird of a partner, Black Canary. His ex-kid sidekick Speedy had turned loose of a drug habit, and was now turning the tables on the pushers that once hooked him.

After another night on the streets, defending the little guy against the titans of evil, Ollie was satisfied with his place in the world. He was just one doorlock away from returning to his apartment, and more importantly his bed, for some well earned zzz.

Once inside, in the darkness, the Emerald Archer detected an intruder. Drawing an arrow with stunning swiftness, Green Arrow cocked back a bolt and aimed. A figure emerged from the shadows-- lean, young, and strawberry blond. "Oliver," he said, almost in inquiry. "Father?"

"Like hell," answered Ollie.

The intruder was decked out in green and brown, with a full quiver strapped to his back. A practical costume for any crusading archer in the not-too-distant future. "My name is Connor. My mother is Sandra Hawke, and you're my dad."

"Moonday Hawke? You're full of it. It's only been a few years since I was with her."

"And a couple decades for me. I'm from the future, dad. Someday, I'm going to take your place, but right now, I need your help to get home."

It was all too much, and yet, something in Ollie wanted to believe that this was all true. Another son, like Roy...

Just then, the phone in Ollie's apartment rang.

Answer the Phone?
Hold Position?

Crisis On Earth-Blog: The DC Challenge

Crisis On Earth-Blog: The DC Challenge

Great. I put my trust in you, and what happens? You make me look like an idiot by answering questions wrong? You get me killed by making bonehead plays? What are you, secretly C.I.A., trying to ruin my rep? You work for The Man, pig? You passing over these links, looking to "investigate" my teammates?

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