Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Overview/Review: Green Arrow/Black Canary #2

Well kids, I finally had time to read issue #2 of the new GA series Green Arrow/Black Canary. This issue sees our hero still trapped on Paradise Island, surrounded by unfriendly Amazons. After a failed (nude) escape attempt, Ollie resigns himself to wait for rescue.

As if on cue, Black Canary and Speedy arrive on a yacht and are greeted on the dock by Hippolyta and another group of Amazons. After beating the ever loving crap out of a particularly mouthy Amazon (who insults Mia for being "unclean"), Dinah pretends to consider the offer the Amazons made her in the previous issue.

Of course, this is all a diversion. While Mia and Dinah distract the main body of Amazons, Connor sneaks into the area where Ollie is being held and takes out his guards in a flurry of poisoned (but non-lethal) blowdarts. After lending GA his underwear (an event which Ollie firmly states they will never speak of again) Ollie and Connor make a run for the coast. Of course, Ollie was expecting to run to the waiting Justice League and is not happy with Connor when he finds out that he came alone.

The discussion is cut short, however, when the Amazons again catch Ollie in the act of running off. The issue ends with an ultimatum from Hippolyta (Dinah must chose to stay with them before the day is finished) and Connor and Ollie surrounded by angry warrior women.

Overall, I liked this issue more than I liked the previous one. Dinah comes off as much stronger and more collected in this issue, plus Mia actually gets more than one line. Dinah pummeling the Amazon over her insults was also gratifying. People tend to forget that BA is one of the DCU's most accomplished martial artists, and just because you live in a mythical land full of lady warriors doesn't mean you're better in a fight than a superhero. Ollie was also in particularly good form with multiple funny one liners. And of course, the scene where we find out that Connor lent Ollie his underwear is hilarious.

Score: 3.5/5 Boxing Glove Arrows


Luke said...

The thing also to remember is that these "Amazons" are new recruits, and I think are mostly just normal women, what with Amazons Attack! and all that. Ollie running around naked, though: spot-on characterization.

Damian said...

This was a pretty damn good issue, and it made me genuinely laugh, which is good stuff as always.

Adama said...

@Luke: I didn't think of that. You're right, these are probably normal mooks who managed to make it through the Health Centers. Of course, that chick was still a mouthy bitch.

@incredible: Yeah, I really did appreciate the humor in the ish as well. That's one of my favorite things about the modern GA. He's always good for a chuckle.