Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Hey kids! Quick update. I have a line on some good copies of Neal Adams' run on Green Lantern vol. 2 (better known as Green Lantern/Green Arrow). I'm in talks right now to obtain them, so expect reviews sometime around the New Year!


Luke said...

Very much looking forward to it, dude!

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, as I'm looking forward to the reviews you've got coming out, but did you really like those stories? I hear so much about how great they were, and after having read them, I understand that they were important for what they did; still, the stories themselves were pretty terrible. (of course, who could complain about that Neal Adams art?)

Adama said...

Well, I've never read them, which is why I need to wait to do the reviews. I've read plenty of older stories that were important, but not terribly good. However, I'm a collector, and I need to get them anyway. If they turn out to be amazing, great! If not, well, I'm closer to completing my collection :)