Monday, May 19, 2008

Spotlight:: World's Finest Comics #97

Issue: World's Finest Comics #97

Title: The Menace of the Mechanical Octopus

Credits: France Herron (story) Jack Kirby!! (art) Roz Kirby (art)

Cover Date: October, 1958

Synopsis: As a jeweler puts some of his inventory in the safe, he's suddenly attacked by a giant mechanical tentacle, which steals the jewels! Luckily, Green Arrow and Speedy are patrolling nearby in the Arrow-Plane., which speeds after the flying mechanical beast! Unfortunately, our heroes are unable to stop the machine because it releases a cloud of smoke and escapes in the confusion. GA and Speedy do manage to recover the jewels with a well places rope arrow, however.

Later, the Archers Extraordinare get word by way of arrow signal that the evil machine is robbing a train. They rush after it in the Arrowcar, and although they drive the beast off, they're captured and placed in a cell. Luckily GA managed to sneak an "acetylene arrow" on board, which he uses to melt through the bars. Then, using their (sigh) "aqua-lung arrows" they make it to the surface in time to foil the machine's inventors and their plan to rob a cruise ship!

Thoughts: Well, more silly arrows! We have a rope arrow, a short-circuit arrow, an acetylene arrow, an aqua-lung arrow AND firecracker arrows. Add that to the giant flying metal octopus, and you have a recipe for Silver Age silliness at its finest! Plus, Jack Kirby art!

Admin note: We'll be pausing our overview of the O'Neil/Adams run of Green Lantern/Green Arrow until Heroescon in late June. We got up to 83, but 84 and 87 are currently missing from my collection, and rather than go back and cover them later, I'd rather continue in order.


rob! said...

that's a hell of a 2-page spread!

rob! said...

oops--thats not 2 pages! sorry!

cool anyway.