Friday, July 25, 2008

Recommendation Arrow: Prez

Recommendation Arrow: Prez

So last night, I was sitting in my recliner, casting around for something to do, when my nerdy little eyes caught of a glimpse of one of the books I picked at up Heroescon last month, the first issue of Prez.

So, lacking anything better to do, I read it...

Holy crap folks, Prez is the weirdest, most out there comic I've read in a long time. The basic premise is that with 18 year olds gaining the vote in an age where they made up a large chunk of the population, a great many teenagers would be elected to Congress (in this world, the law lowered the age limit on office holders as well).

Looking for a dupe to retain his power, uber-corrupt political hack Boss Smiley (literally, a guy with a smiley-face head) recruits young Prez Rickard to run for senate.

Prez, an 18 year old from Steadyton (where there are hundreds of clocks, none of which agree) lives with his mother and sister, and enjoys racing his hotrod "Lolipop" and fixing things. One day, tiring of nothing getting done in town because no one knows what time it is, Prez fixes every clock in town. This garners him a certain amount of fame, fame which Boss Smiley is determined to use.

Boss Smiley, ever the entrepreneur, wants to demolish the last stand of unspoiled forest in the country to build s superhighway to Steadyton. He's also planning to demolish the local dam, both to clear the forest and to reap the profits when his construction company "happens" to get the contracts to rebuild the dam and any other buildings destroyed in the flood.

During the "blow stuff up" ceremony, Prez and the crew is attacked by a young Native American and his menagerie of forest creatures (and elephants, and gorillas, and giraffes, for some reason). The creatures demolish the construction equipment, then retreat. prez follows them, and has a long conversation with the young brave about Boss Smiley and his rampant courruption. He also learns to communicate with animals and some sort of animal kung fu, while he's at it.

Now determined to bring Boss Smiley down, Prez and Eagle Free break into Boss Smiley's offices and steal documents proving his corruption (why Boss Smiley keeps paperwork on his bribes and racketeering is anybody's guess). Now famous and beloved, Prez wins the next presidential election in a landslide (on a flower power ticket, no less). he then appoints Eagle Free head of the FBI, his mother as Vice President, and his sister as his personal secretary...

And all that happened in the first issue! Unfortunately, that was only one of 4, but that just makes it easier to collect! Seriously folks, you have to check this out, its totally nuts!

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Anonymous said...

hmmm i think i may have heard of this comic befor, it sounds familiar.