Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Articulation Arrow: Infinite Heroes Arrow Family Set

Hey folks! This post is a long time coming, but thanks to ARROWHEAD member Russel Burbage, I own the Infinite Heroes Series Green Arrow, Black Canary, Green Lantern 3 pack.

Observe:The Green Arrow fig seems to take its inspiration from the Mike Grell era costume, complete with the hood. He also comes with a bow, the only accessory in the set. Black Canary is decked out in her classic black costume, but lacks fishnets. Hal is, well, Hal, and has a fittingly stern look on his face.

There's not a ton of articulation in these figs, but the paint job is spot on (except the aforementioned lack of fishnets). I really like this set. My only real complaint is that the profile on the back gives Hal a higher intelligence than both Dinah and Ollie. Hal's not exactly an idiot, but... yeah.

There are 3 other sets in the series, 1 of which actually makes sense. There's a Hawkman+ 2 Thanagarian soldiers set, which is awesome, but also a Superman, Supergirl, and Wonder Girl. Huh? Two members of the Super family, and one member of the Wonder family???

The last one makes even less sense: Raven, Starfire, and CAPTAIN BOOMERANG. Two Teen Titans and a Flash Villain? Wha??

Anyway, thanks Russel!


EmeraldArcher said...

This was so hard to find at first and now they're everywhere. I was going to offer you one of MY extras til I saw you had one.

One correction on GA's costume's actually the Scott McDaniel version from OYL through Ollie was kidknapped and Cliff Chang changed it again.

The giveaway is the 3 fingered archery gloves ( I wish they would go back to this but Cliff Chang created a hybrid based on the Adams Costume when they relaunched the title ). This was the current costume when the figures were sculpted which means the set had Modern verions of GA and GL but SA version of Canary (also I took the coloring on her legs to suggest the fishnets)

The Grell Costume had long sleeves and stitching on the boots and hood ( I have been begging Georg Brewer of DC Direct for a LBH Ollie but no luck!)

BTW if you missed the Toyfare news DCDirect is doing two new GA items

1) History of the DCU action figure ( GA costume again for the THIRD time)
2) GA Bust ( Adams Costume again)

Mattel is finally doing a GA 7" figure ... It looks great but is once again the Adams costume.

Sea-of-Green said...

Yeah, there's NO WAY Hal is smarter than either Dinah or Ollie -- and Dinah is definitely the smarter of the three!

EmeraldArcher said...

While they should probably be of relatively equal intelligence I believe Ollie is supposed to have a degree in Engineering (makes sense when you consider the mechanism's in his arrows)

While Dinah has never been mentioned as having a Higher Education (instead trained by her Mother, ran a Florist)

Hal on the other hand was a fighter pilot and as such would likely have to have a degree in physics of Engineering.

Unless of course you live in Geoff Johns' world where you can apparently enlist at 18 and just BECOME an officer and Pilot :/

The Irredeemable Shag said...

What a great looking figure set! For me personally, my favorite GA figure came from the "Hard Traveling Heroes" DC Direct wave.

The Irredeemable Shag

Paul said...

I bought the Green Arrow, Black Canary and Green Lantern pack. I have to say the Green Arrow is one of the most detailed DC figures out there right now in those 3 packs. I also have the 3 pack for Comissioner Gordon with the Gotham SWAT Team.

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