Monday, September 14, 2009

Dragon-Con 2009 Con Report, part 1

Hey folks! Sorry it took me so long to get this together, but there was plenty to see, do and report on at the con this year!

In this first section of the con report, I'm putting up a selection of the cool costumes and such that I spotted. Some of these are GA related, and some aren't, but they're all cool!

First up, we have Penance, of Generation X. I love it when people put so much effort into an obscure character!

Next up, we have a pair of Bat-Villains, Two-Face and Poison Ivy! I saw these ladies leaving a huge comic book photo shoot near the con, which you'll see more of below.

I guess there was a French castle nearby that needed invading. Too bad they forgot to climb inside first!

Here we have Diance, Princess of the Amazons, complete with bracers and Lasso of Truth!

Aquaman, King of the Seas took some time off from protecting the Earth's oceans to attend the con. I spotted his arch enemy, Black Manta, later on that day. He had a tattered orange shirt hanging from his trident. Hope poor Arthur's alright...

Black Lightning also made an appearance. I really like this guy's dedication. It had to be 90 degrees outside that day, and you know he had to be sweltering inside that costume!
Here's me and comic art legend George Perez! Mr. Perez was doing quick head sketches in exchange for donations to the HERO Initiative. I'll be posting that sketch soon!
The lovely Zatanna prepares to pull something out of her hat. Yes boys, she is in fact holding a hat :)
Here's me and an amazing Green Arrow! In fact, there were several Green Arrow's at the con. Its always nice to see other GA fans, since we're so few and far between :)
A post-fight Comedian from Watchmen. Who knew that an old brown bathrobe and a smiley face button could make such an awesome superhero costume!

More to come folks!


Brian Parsley said...

Great pics from the con! Someone told me you were there but I guess I never did run into you. I was one of the Green Arrows at the con, I have been doing it since 2004. Check out my MySpace page for pics from DC this year and the past few years:

Adama said...

Sorry I missed you Brian! I do have a couple more GA pics, so keep an eye on the blog, maybe I caught you after all.

Sea-of-Green said...

I like Green Lantern and Star Sapphire in the background of that one photo. ;-)

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