Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dossier:: Connor Hawke

Name: Connor Hawke

Alias: Green Arrow II

First Appearance: Green Arrow vol. 2 #0

Dossier: Connor Hawke, son of Oliver Queen, first appeared in a special #0 issue of Green Arrow vol. 2. Ollie's son from a youthful tryst, Connor first meets his father (although he doesn't know who he is at the time) while Oliver is seeking refuge from the world at an Eastern Ashram. The two bond, and Ollie teaches the young man what he knows about archery (a lot).

Years (months, weeks? Comic book time is subjective) later, Oliver Queen dies in an explosion. Connor decides to take up the mantle of The Green Arrow, and in the meantime learns of his true relationship with Ollie. Connor would star in the Green Arrow monthly from Ollie's death until the series' cancellation.

Connor also worked a stint in the Justice League, starting in JLA #8. IN his first appearance, he singlehandedly saves the League from the villainous Key. His arrows are destroyed early in the fight, forcing him to use his dad's trick arrows (much to his chagrin). He remains with the League for some time, but eventually leaves as he feels he has no place, as a simple archer, with the cosmically powered JLA.

When Ollie is brought back to life by Hal Jordan, Connor leaves the ashram once again to help his father defeat the dastardly Stanley Dover. Connor was the only person able to enter the building, as only someone related to the people inside (Mia, Ollie, and Stanley) could bypass the mystical barrier erected over the building by the devious mage. Overwhelmed by the demons summoned by Dover, Connor would have fallen had not Oliver Queen's soul (until then happy in heaven) elected to return to his resurrected body to save him.

After this incident, Connor moves in with his dad and serves as a supporting character for the remaining run of the third Green Arrow series. Recently, in the pages of Green Arrow/Black Canary, Connor was shot in the chest by a mysterious gunman and left in a vegetative state. As if that weren't enough, he was recently kidnapped by persons unknown.

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