Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dragon*Con Report, Part 1: Pictures

Hey everyone! Sorry it took me so long to get the Con report up, but this weekend was really draining, and your humble correspondent needed time to recover! Tomorrow we'll go over my acquisitions (very few on the comic front, unfortunately) so today we'll focus on the amazing sights that were there to be seen at Dragon*Con.

You can view all the Con pictures here

First off, we have everyone's favorite crazed loner, Rorschach! I especially like the detail of the stained trenchcoat.

Next up we have WWII icon Rosie the Riveter! This was one of my favorite costumes at the whole convention. Not only was it a really neat idea, but it was also extremely well done. The young lady even looks like Rosie!!!!! Here King Leonidas and one of his 300 soldiers form a shield wall, protecting the Exhibit Hall from marauding Persians.

The Superman Family was well represented this year, including this lovely lady dressed as Supergirl, and the young man next to her, dressed as the Connor Kent Superboy.

Tony Stark was out on the town, as usual. Here we have a rare shot of Mr. Stark without a drink in his hand. Look closely for the movie version of Iron Man's chest plate, complete with glowing lights.

This one gave me a nice chuckle. Poor Lego guy, all alone in a world not made of bricks.

Here's another Watchmen costume, this time of retired superhero Nite Owl!

I caught this shot of the nefarious Nazi war criminal Red Skull as he stepped outside for a quick smoke.

Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men, along with paramour Maid Marian, made a good showing this year. Unfortunately, it appears that not all the men were Merry at this particular moment.

Thousands of people attend Dragon*Con every year, but I believe this is the first time royalty have shown up. Here we have the King and Queen of the Inhumans, Black Bolt and Medusa! They even brought a little stuffed Lockjaw with them.

Iron Man in all his glory. I guess Mr. Stark managed to find a storage closet to change in...
(Isn't that costume amazing?)

So, we were walking into one of the hotels, and the guy in front of us was nice enough to hold the door open. Well, low and behold, it turned out to be Jerry Doyle, most famous for portraying Mr. Garibaldi on Babylon 5. He stopped to chat for a second. Nice guy!

The villainous Crime Syndicate of America was out in full force at the convention. Unfortunately I only managed to get a quick shot of Johnny Quick.


I'm not sure why Colossus was hanging out by the trash can, but since he was in his armored form, I wasn't about to ask!

The merc with the mouth, Deadpool!

Emma Frost is a lovely, wholesome woman. And I'm not just saying that because she threatened to melt my brain if I said otherwise!

No one did manage to catch the Gingerbread Man that weekend. All we found after this picture was one of his candy gumdrop buttons.

Here we have Hawkgirl, in all her glory, and complete with mace! Luckily she happened to be on the ground briefly, so I could get a picture.

The Bat Family also put in a good showing at the convention this year, with Batman, Batgirl, and Robin all together for a picture.

Psylocke and Black Cat folks. Aren't they lovely?

Here's me and noted supervillain Black Manta. BM was good enough to pose for a picture with me, and he didn't stab me with his trident or anything! This guy's costume was great, complete with voice modulator, light up eyes, and surely attitude.

Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego? Well, this weekend, she was in downtown Atlanta!

Catwoman, complete with whip. Yipes!

There are more, which you can see at the link I posted above, but these are my favorite.


Anonymous said...

You got a picture of our merry men group! Awesome!!!

Rick L. Phillips said...

Was Jerry Doyle a featured guest or is he a comic book fan too? I love the costumes. The time and attention given to each is amazing. My favorites were Black Bolt and Iron Man. The Batman from the Batman family looks like Adam West. I know it wasn't him but I had to look closer to make sure. The Robin Hood and his Merry Men look like the group from Mel Brooks' Men in Tights movie.

Luke said...

Spartans in Atlanta? Does this mean that...


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