Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dragon*Con Report, Part 1: Pictures addendum

I can't believe I forgot this picture in the last post:

The mook in the middle, dressed as Quagmire from Family Guy, is a friend of mine. I believe the young ladies on his arm are dressed as female versions of Namor, The Sub-Mariner, and Aquaman.

Either way, yowza!


Sea-of-Green said...

LOL! ALL of these photos are great! Thanks for sharing! :-)

Anonymous said...

Giggty Giggty All right
wait, is that how he says it?
but this pic is freakin AWSOME
i need tos top reading your blog, everytime time you post sometinhg, it makes me want to go to some type of con

Adama said...

Ant-Man, you should come to a Con! The Season is pretty much over, but there's always next summer!