Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dossier Entry: Onomatopoeia

(Just for you, Benton!)

The first entry in our series on Green Arrow's associates, villains, and allies is none other than Onomatopoeia. Virtually nothing is known about Onomatopoeia's personal life, powers (if he has any) or even what he looks like.

He first shows up in Green Arrow vol. 3 #11 and wrecks havok on Ollie and his crew for the next several issues. Onomatopoeia seems to have a mission (for himself, for someone else?) to murder non-powered heroes. He start off small, killing Harrisburg, Pennslyvania's resident hero Buckeye (and his wife, too, for good measure). He works his way up from there, finally targetting Connor Hawke, Oliver Queen's son and the second man to bear the name "Green Arrow."
Despite being one of the world's finest martial artists, Connor falls before the enimatic villain. Connor is rushed to the hospital, where Onomatopoeia tries to finish the job. He runs afoul of a VERY angry Oliver Queen, along with his paramour Black Canary. Despite taking SIX arrows in various places on his body, Onomatopoeia fights on, until he falls out a seventh story window. Still, the villain manages to get up and run off before Ollie can follow him.

Oh, and his name? Onomatopoeia? The word itself means "words that are also sounds" For instance, BANG! is an onomatopoeia. This guy plays that up to the hilt, speaking ONLY in onomatopoeias throughout his appearances.

Well, appearance, ol' Ono had a brief cameo in the Battle for Metropolis, but has otherwise kept a low profile for the past several years. I think that's a shame, because the dude is seriously creepy and nigh unstoppable. I'd like to see more of him! Are you listening Judd Winick?


Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks Adama! I've read bits and pieces of the issues he shows up in, and I have to say he makes quite a villain. He's just so inscrutable, so completely and totally unknowable....kind of like a more subtle and more mysterious Joker. I think he's definitely got lots of potential, especially in 'ol Ollie's rather anemic rogue's gallery.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Adama, since you were nice enough to go ahead and post a villain dossier for me, and quite a cool one at that, I thought I'd do something for you as well. Here are a few screenshots from my own little project:

Luke said...

If you head to Onomatopoeia's Wikipedia page, there is some interesting stuff from Kevin Smith about his real-world creation. Unusual stuff for an unusual character.