Sunday, February 10, 2008

Quick note about ACE

Well, The Atlanta Comic Expo is over (well, technically its going on tomorrow, as well, but I won't be there). I spent waaaaaaay too much money, but picked up some seriously interesting finds. I did get those Neal Adams era Green Lantern issues I've been talking about, but I wasn't able to get the full run and still have enough money to eat this month. I got the important ones, though, and I'll talk more about those when I do a full write up about the con.

Until next time, kids!


Luke said...

That was the biggest Con I have been to since Big Apple Comic Con a few years ago. A lot of fun, even if I think I offended your ealer's sense of capitalism by purchasing one (1) six-dollar Weird War Tales after you dropped all that cash on GL/GA. I have a lot of reading to do!

Adama said...

Yeah, me too. I wouldn't worry about Ed, he's a crazy person, as his sign implies. Between last weekend with the Borderlands sale and all the books I picked up at ACE, I have reading material for the next couple years.