Monday, February 18, 2008

Spotlight:: Adventure Comics #250

Issue: Adventure Comics #250

Title: The Green Arrows of the World!

Synopsis: Green Arrow hosts a convention of of crack archers from around the world, including archers from "The Jungle," Mexico, France, and Japan. A slight wrinkle appears in Ollie's plans when the British archer is waylayed by a dastardly Brit who has sworn revenge on GA for sending him to jail! The villain uses the costume he stole from the British archer to infiltrate the convention and trick GA into trying out his "Big Ben Arrow."

GA gets wise to his scheme just in time, unmasking him with an amazing shot and forcing him to flee.

Our villain, Limehouse Larkin, is delayed briefly by the Japanese Green Arrow, and finally captured by GA with the use of several trick arrows that are certain to find their way into a Friday feature soon! The story ends with GA revealing how he saw through Larkin's disguise: Larkin had shown him a British wanted poster advertising a reward of 10,000 DOLLARS, instead of pounds! Silly criminals and their lack of knowledge of international currency!

Thoughts: Wow, this story was a ton of fun. Between the ridiculous, over-the-top characterizations of the Green Arrows of the World and the silly trick arrows (a jujitsu arrow, really!) you can't help but be entertained by the sheer fun and silliness. Of course, you'll notice that GA gets no cover space on this issue which is unfortunate, but typical.

Next week: Green Lantern #77!


Anonymous said...

Ha, sounds like standard Silver Age goofiness. You've got me curious about that jujitsu arrow now!

Luke said...

Wow, I never knew there was an International League of Green Arrows!