Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Articulation Arrow: DC New Frontier Green Arrow

Articulation Arrow Feature- DC: New Frontier Green Arrow

I picked this little guy up a couple years ago, a few months after DC: New Frontier came out. I read the books the line was based on in the student bookstore at Clemson. A professor had actually used them as assigned reading in his class.

Since I was a big Green Arrow fan, I appreciated how Ollie got some screen time amidst all the other heroes being featured. When I found out there was an action figure line, and that Green Arrow was one of them, I had to pick it up.

So, on to the review:

Accessories: Bow, arrow (stolen by cats), stand

Pros: Clean, simple, iconic look. Accessories that actually fit into the figures hands. Neato 50's style stand base. Excellent paint applications

Cons: Limited articulation points, fletching end of arrows sticking out of quiver VERY easy to break (you'll notice that all of mine are gone)

Thoughts: Man, I am crazy about this figure. It neatly captures the style and feel of the book it was based off of, especially with that neat kidney shaped stand. I was kind of disappointed that the arrows in his quiver kept breaking off, but the rest of him has been remarkable durable.

I mentioned the lack of articulation points as a con, and in a way it is. He really doesn't have much posability, but this was never really intended as a play figure. He's there to assume one position and look pretty. Part of the problem I had with the older Marvel Legends line is that they went with so many articulation points that it disrupted the look of the model and made it hard to get them to stand. Since most people will be putting figures like that on display rather than playing with them, I felt that was a mistake. Of course, that didn't stop me from buying tons of them either...

Overall, awesome fig!

Score: 4.5 out of 5 Boxing Glove Arrows


rob! said...

all the NF fogires are pretty sharp--i'm sad Aquaman has such a small role in the story, so i doubt he'll ever get this treatment. :(

Adama said...

Yeah, that was kind of a bummer. But the role he did have was pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had read your review before buying the New Frontier Green Arrow; please read this post before you buy the Smallville Green Arrow figure. The figures are actually similar in a way; both look OK in the package, but are garbage when removed. I had to drill a hole in the NF Arrow's right hand so that he could even hold the arrow he came with and had the same problem with the arrows in the back that you did: they broke off immediately. The Smallville Arrow just does not look right without any sunglasses; with the green hood attached, he looks like he's wearing a green pead pod on his head. Most ridiculous of all is that for some reason was sculpted with a BEER BELLY! I am serious! His black belt bends down in the front making GA look fat. I am in the process of trying to repair/ enhance both figures, but it is really ridiculous that DC Direct keeps pumping out junk like this. No news at SDCC about a DC Universe Classics Green Arrow, but I think that is our best bet for a quality Green Arrow figure. Anyway, just wanted to vent and to warn others before they plunk down $15-$17 for this stuff. Just wait, it will be on sale. Or all gathered together and taken out into the desert and burned.

Anonymous said...

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