Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mini-GA Painting by Art Baltazar

In a move with EPIC levels of awesomeness, fellow blogger Rob! picked up this little number for me at New York Comic Con.

Its a tiny painting, done on actual canvas but measuring no more than a couple inches on a side, of none other than our favorite Emerald Archer!

The piece was created by Tiny Titans writer/artist Art Baltazar, who also did an adorable sketch of Aqualad for Rob's Aquaman Shrine.

This may seem odd, but this actually marks the first piece of original Green Arrow art that I own

Thanks again Rob!!

PS: The image wraps around the side of the frame, showing off Ollie's rockin 'stach, but apparently my camera is broken, so I had to make due with a scan.


rob! said...

glad you like it!

i told art if he ever made an aquaman one he'd have a definite sale.

Luke said...

Dude, awesome! It's so random, what with my brother working the booth, and rob! sending it to you... totally weird.

Rick L. Phillips said...

Nice painting and nice of Rob to get it for you. Also I ran across a forum that I just heard about. Sorry I didn't join it yet but I did see you asking people to send me some of their letterheads. Since you are aware I don't have many left I wanted to say thank you.

Adama said...

No problem Rick! I figured that since it was such a large community, and since I'm really excited about the museum, it made sense to send out a call. have you gotten anything form them?

Rick L. Phillips said...

not yet but i am sure i will soon.
Thanks again.

Tommy! said...

That's a cool piece of POP ART! I like the bold colors & the cartoon style graphics.

This "Rob" person seems like a pretty cool dude. OK, I know Rob & he is a very nice guy, ha ha.

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Thanks, Tommy