Friday, May 30, 2008

Trick Arrow of the Week: Aqua-Lung Arrow

Trick Arrow of the Week: Aqua-Lung Arrow

Have you ever been trapped in the bowels of a giant flying mechanical octopus (and really, who hasn't)?

Well, then this puppy's for you! Featuring beautiful real feather fletching, a charming green color scheme and just enough air to escape that metallic, multi-tentacled horror, the Aqua-Lung Arrow is a must have for any serious costumed adventurer...or bargain basement scuba diver.


rob! said...

Aqua-Lung Arrow? i call shenanigans!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, it seems like he's overthinking these arrows......UNTIL he ends up trapped two hundred feet underwater and just HAPPENS to pull a respirator out of his quiver...hey, not everyone can be Aquaman....although they all want to be.

Kenneth said...

Wow. Epic.

I would like to talk to some of the people that came up with these... lol

Bubbashelby said...

Why not just carry an aqualung apparatus - why does it have to be on an arrow?

"Help, Green Arrow! Glub glub glub"

"Speedy's drowning, but he's too far to reach in time...I know, I'll shoot him in the face with my aqualung arrow!"


GASP-COUGH-GASP "Thanks Green Arrow!"

Mister Bones said...

The look on Speedy's face is priceless.