Monday, June 2, 2008

Thought Balloon Arrow: Final Crisis #1


Thoughts: Well, Grant Morrison's magnum opus is here was actually pretty good. I thought it got a bit choppy in places, especially the parts with Anthro and Kamandi. I'm also not a huge fan of Morrison's Seven Soldiers New Gods, but other than that, a fun read.

Lots of awesome happened. We had to ever pugnacious Dan Turpin trying to punch out Darkseid, John Stewart actually working as an architect, Oan quarantine procedures, Metron playing Prometheus and the death of a legend.

That was one part of the book that just didn't do it for me. J'onn just kind of...gets stabbed. I know it was supposed to be a quick, brutal end to shock the superhero world, but I don't appreciate how little fanfare it gets within the book itself. Not only is J'onn in his new, rather unpopular form when he dies, but he only gets one freaking panel. We don't even get the ubiquitous shot of the body lying on the floor!

I know it sounds like I'm complaining a lot about a book I claimed to enjoy, but I'm just highlighting what I felt were weaknesses in an otherwise interesting book. Overall, I'm excited to see ho this plays out.

Also: A Mirror Master, Doctor Light team up? How has no one thought of this before?!

Ollie Watch: Of course it would be Green Arrow who goes on TV to rant about the death of his friend and make threatening remarks to his killers. You go Ollie!


Mister Bones said...

I know what you mean about J'onn. His death seemed to be an afterthought, and was the only part of the book that really bothered me. Ollie was awesome though, his reaction was my favorite part of the book.

The way it was handled makes me wonder if J'onn's really dead though. I hope not.

Ricardo Victoria said...

Personally I think J'onn, while lacking the spectacularity, added more to the feeling of glooming doom over the DC heroes community. I know is a cheap resource, but the whole diea of the book seems to show how is that Evil won. If such heavy hitter got eliminated so easy, you can see that troubles are arising.

Now at my LCS the owner had another theory, one where the whole thing was a ruse and that Libra might be Barry Allen, faking everything. Afterall, fire or not, J'on is a shapeshifter, so odds are that he is not dead.

Let's see what happens next issue.

Adama said...

Lil and winged: i agree that it could be a ruse. Hell, Libra could be real and J'onn could still be faking. After all, he got stabbed in the chest, but he's an ALIEN SHAPESHIFTER. Who knows where he actually keeps his vital organs. For all we know, Libra punctured the equivalent of his tonsils or something.

Rick L. Phillips said...

The way these comic book companies are running things these days I would say that another character will come to assume the title the Manhunter from Mars. I don't know how they will do it but that is what I think.