Sunday, June 8, 2008

Articulation Arrow: DC Direct Green Arrow and Speedy (cont.)

Articulation Arrow: DC Direct Green Arrow and Speedy

Well, it took me longer than I'd anticipated, but I finally got a chance to open the DC Direct Green Arrow set. As you can see, this is quite a spread we have laid out before us.

Accessories: A bow each for Ollie and Roy, hand grenade arrow, boxing glove arrow, handcuff arrow, boomerang arrow, Arrowplane model, Arrowcar model

Pros: Incredible array of accressories, including trick arrows and plane and car models. Good articulation

Cons: Paint application could be better, more trick arrows!

Thoughts: Now I finally have a boxing glove arrow to call my very own. Sure, it won;t be taking down any criminals, but its mine! Plus, I have super cool models for the Arrowcar and Arrowplane. Who knew anyone at DC even remembered those things existed? The figures themselves are pretty cool, but nothing spectacular. The real meat of this set is the accessories.


Rick L. Phillips said...

Why didn't they make and Arrowcar or Arrowplane that they can fit into? That would be more fun.

Ricardo Victoria said...

I'm starting to think that DC should release a collector set with all the arrows and the bow. Not the figures, just the accessories. And do in in a size that can fit any of the standard Green Arrow Figs.

Btw you might be interested in this:

You can see another GA fig there.

Luke said...

Man, that's cool! Reminds me of the Flash/Kid Flash two-pack that DC Direct did a number of years ago. The problem with that one was that it was Kid Flash's first costume -- so you essentially got the same toy twice, just with different scales. Doh! Still, very neat -- keep it away from the kitties!

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