Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dossier:: Count Vertigo

Real Name: Count Werner Vertigo (yup, that's his real name)

Alias: Count Vertigo

First Appearance: World's Finest Comics #251

Modus Operandi: Costumed criminal, occasional government operative, former head of state.

Powers/Equipment: Special implant in his inner ear allows Vertigo to disrupt the inner ear of others, upsetting their sense of balance, and inducing nausea. Can also disrupt the aim of gunmen and the guidance system on missiles.

Backstory: Count Werner Vertigo was born into the royal family of the small Eastern European nation of Vlatava. He suffered from a congenital condition of the inner ear that disrupted his balance. Eventually, he had a device installed in his ear canal that compensated for the disorder, allowing him to live a normal life. One day, while tinkering with the device, he learned he could use it to affect the balance of others as well.

He first took up the costume of "Count Vertigo" after his country was invaded and taken over by the Soviet Union. He made his way to Star City, attempting to steal back some of the family jewels his parents had been forced to sell when they fled the country. This marked his first clash with famed archer Green Arrow. It would not be the last.

Later, he joined the government sponsored Suicide Squad, performing dangerous, covert missions for the US Government in exchange for an early release. It was during this period that he began to suffer from severe bi-polar disorder, exacerbated by the drugs that Vlatavan revels, and later villainess Poison Ivy, pumped into his system. His condition worsened to the point that he asked teammate Deadshot to end his life.

Fortunately for Werner, Deadshot suggested he think long and hard about what he was asking for. Werner eventually decided against suicide, realizing that it conflicted with his relgiious beliefs and would ruin his chances at an afterlife. Filled with new purpose, he returned to his nation of birth, and as the last surviving member of the royal family, overthrew the Soviet backed dictatorship and emerged as the country's new ruler.

Unfortunately, this situation was not to last. Soon after taking the throne, his country was visited by an unhinged Spectre, who ended up wiping Vlatava off the map, leaving only Vertigo and one other alive.

After this setback, Werner sought a rematch with Green Arrow. Defeated again, he joined the new Injustice Society, along with nemesis Poison Ivy. He considered killing her, but instead opted to put the feud behind him.

Currently, Count Vertigo works as the White Knight to Amanda Waller's White Queen in the UN sponsored Checkmate organization. His most recent mission was to capture the villains responsible for the death of Bart Allen, the 4th Flash.

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