Saturday, June 14, 2008

Interview Arrow: Mike Norton

Greetings Arrowheads! I have a special Saturday Dispatch for you. A first for the Arrowcave, in fact! Mike Norton, current artist for Green Arrow Black Canary, was kind enough to answer a few questions for us!

How long have you been into comics? What comic drew you in? What's your favorite character/team?

I've been into comics since before I could read. I learned to read from old John Romita and Ross Andru Spider-Man comics. So Spidey would naturally be my fave. A close second would've been Xmen.

When did you begin drawing comics? What was your first professional work?

I was drawing comics not long after I started reading them, but my first professional work wasn't until 1997. I drew a book called The Badger for Image comics. That was my first big break.

Who do you feel is your main artistic influence?

I don't know if I have a main one. I'm certainly influenced by many artists. I grew up drawing on a steady diet of John Byrne, John Romita Sr. and Jr. I do thing they have stayed with me in the basic way I draw to this day.

What was the process behind you joining the Green Arrow/Black Canary team? Was it something you actively sought out, or were you assigned to it?

I didn't seek it out. I was actually waiting around to start Trinity when Mike Carlin asked if I'd be interested in doing a couple of issues of GA/BC with the possibility of more. I can't say no to anything, and I really like the idea of doing regular series. Green Arrow is a really cool character.

Are you currently working on anything else for DC? Other companies?

Just Trinity at DC. I'm exclusive with them until next year, so nothing for Marvel or anything.

What are your thoughts on Green Arrow as a character, what do you feel are his strengths/weaknesses?

I really like the character. He's a Han Solo kinda character that I really can get into. All the advantages of Batman but a sense of humor to go with it. The humor is a big thing for me. Drawing a super cool badass is alright, but it's the snarky banter that makes you really associate with the character.

How detailed is Judd Winick with his scripts? Is he one of those writers that describes every detail, or does he allow the artist more freedom?

Judd's are pretty normal for me. Not much different than other writers I've worked with in regards of detail. They're very concise and cinematic.

I know from your participation on the Comic Geek Speak boards that you're very deeply involved in the comic fan community. Do you feel its important for artists to be involved with the fans?

I think it's up to the artist. I do it because I enjoy participating. It's fun to be around like minded people. Of course I think that people like having a sense of accessibility with creators and that's the great thing about the internet.

Thanks again Mike! For more Mike Norton, check out upcoming issues of DC's Trinity weekly series, in addition to his work on Green Arrow/Black Canary.


Mister Bones said...

Holy crap! How awesome is this?! Mike seems like a really cool guy, great interview Adama.

Ricardo Victoria said...

Wow!!! Sweet interview. Mike Norton does come across as a nice guy. His art in GA/BC fits the book perfectly.

By the way, he used to be the artist for Runaways isn't?

Thanks for sharing this, Adama.

rob! said...

nice job, adam!