Monday, June 23, 2008

After Action Report: Heroescon, Part 1: Things Seen

After Action Report: Heroescon, Part 1

Heroescon, held annually in Charlotte, North Carolina, attracts thousands of people from all over the country. This year, one of those people was yours truly. I'd never been to a large scale, comics-only convention before this one, so this was a new experience for me. And what an experience it was! Here's a short run down of what I saw at the con:

This is me and shining star Darwyn Cooke, author and artist of the DC: New Frontier miniseries, which was recently made into an animated movie. Mr. Cooke was kind enough to sign my copy of the aforementioned miniseries, for which I am eternally grateful! (Later, we accidentally held up Mr. Cooke on the escalator down to the con. Whoops!)

Here's me and Robert Kirkman, writer for Invincible, the Astounding Wolfman, Walking Dead, and numerous others. Mr. Kirkman was really great to everyone in line, and signed my first printing of Invincible, volume 1.

Here's non-blogging friend Joe, Green Lantern artist Ethan van Sciver, and riffing bot Tom Servo! I have no idea why van Sciver brought a Tom Servo puppet with him to the con, but I don't care, because its awesome! Mr. van Sciver signed Joe's copy of Green Lantern: Rebirth, and a print, which Joe didn't let go of once until he got it home.

Luke and I got a nice surprise while we were waiting for Joe to finish up with Mr. van Sciver. None other than DC Comics' Editor-in-Chief Dan Didio himself stopped by! Luke and I snagged a handshake from Mr. Didio before he had to go.

Here's the first creator Luke and I met on Friday, Al Feldstein! Mr. Feldstein was one of the top artists at EC comics for a number of years, working on famous books like Tales from the Crypt. Luke is a huge horror fan and was really excited to meet Mr. Feldstein. I also have to say that Al was one of the nicest comic industry people I've ever met. Thanks, Mr Feldstein!

Although there were fewer costumers out than I had initially thought there would be, there were a few fine examples walking around. For instance, here we have JLAer Ice! Unfortunately her friend Fire was nowhere to be found...

Marvel heroes also got in on the game, as evidenced by the Winsome Wasp! Luckily, Ms. van Dyne was not using her powers at the time, or this picture might have been much more difficult to shoot!

Here we have fellow blogger Luke, with his favorite hero, Iron Man! Fresh from his recent major motion picture release, Mr. Stark diligently patrolled the con in search of evil doers. (This guy's costume was amazing. He even had LED's in his palms to represent Iron Man's repulsor rays!)

I wasn't aware that Charlotte was a hotspot for the paranormal, but apparently there was somethign going on, as the Ghostbusters were out in full force!

And finally, we have the most mysterious hero present at the Con, The Question. Funny, I didn't expect Vic Sage to be quite so...shapely.

Also met, but not pictured, were artists Cliff Chiang and Michael Golden, who were kind enough to sign my copies of Green Arrow/Black Canary #1 and Doctor Strange #55, respectively.


Rick L. Phillips said...

Great photos and it is nice to see what you and Luke look like.

rob! said...

wow, that seems like a cool show!

that Ice girl is adorable.

Ricardo Victoria said...

Ohhh, so envious (in a good way)=). Looks like you had a lot of fun.

I joint to the comments about the pictures, especially those of the cosplayers. Those costumes were really well done. My favorite is the girl dressed as Ice.

Mister Bones said...

Looks like I missed a really good time. Love the photos! Especially the Kirkman one, heh.

Luke said...

Indeed, the girl dressed as Ice was very cute, although I personally rather liked the winsome Wasp, who was also very friendly!

Diabolu Frank said...

What Rick said. Also, I'd make a crack about Ice looking hot, but I'm not Peter David.

Cooking with Alex said...

I enjoyyed reading this