Saturday, February 23, 2008

Trick Arrow of the Week: Glue Arrow

This week's Trick Arrow of the Week is Ollie's Glue Arrow. Filled with a fast drying, industrial strength adhesive, this trick arrow has a myriad of uses, including what is probably my favorite use of a trick arrow ever.

As shown in the picture to the left, Green Arrow had challenged invulnerable crime boss "Brick" to a duel. Unable to cause much damage to his rocky hide with traditional arrows, GA switched tactics, firing the glue arrow straight down Brick's throat. When the glue hardened, Brick had a slight problem, as even invulnerable people need to breath, and the glue was now blocking his airway. That's just the kind of brain over brawn thinking that made me like Green Arrow so much in the first place.

(Of course, being Ollie, he let Brick go, but not before reminding him who was the "bitch" in their little arrangement)

PS: Sorry for the late post guys. Infectious Lass paid a visit to the Arrowcave, resulting in your humble correspondent catching a nasty flu.

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Luke said...

Seems like everyone is getting sick lately. TJ is under the weather herself today.

Anyways, the glue arrow at least makes some sort of sense. It does have a myriad of uses both offensive and defensive, the non-lethal nature doesn't complete bust the laws of physics, and the fact that every superhero of merit deals with super-sticky glue at some point in their career. It also makes a nice little callback to the fact that before he went all Denny O'Neil on us, Ollie was an industrialist, and that Queen industries actually, you know, made stuff, like super-sticky glue. See, not all business is evil!