Friday, February 15, 2008

Trick Arrow of the Week: Handcuff Arrow

Welcome to the return of the Trick Arrow of the Week Feature! We're back and better than ever folks!

Last time we featured an arrow that makes no sense if you think too hard about it: The Boxing Glove Arrow.

This week, we feature an arrow that makes no damned sense if you think about it at all: The Handcuff Arrow. Obviously the handcuff arrow designed to allow Ollie to capture criminals who walk around with their forearms pressed together, or who make a habit of always keeping them close to a convenient pipe or railing.

The arrow was used by Connor to some effect against The Key (he had no other options) and in his earlier appearances Ollie managed to make it work more often than not. Of course, we're using comic book physics here, so that's not entirely surpsrising.

Ollie, we love ya, but you may want to retire this one and replace it with something more useful, like an arrow that brews coffee or gives massages. (Dinah will certainly appreciate the latter!)


Luke said...

Physics? We don't need no steenkin' physics! I personally really liked the handcuff arrow's "appearance" in Kingdom Come. Pretty darn poignant for a gimmick arrow!

Anonymous said...

Hey man, don't knock the boxing glove arrow! Ha, I still argue that the aforementioned arrow makes perfect sense, especially considering the force Ollie puts behind his arrows. As far as the handcuff arrow........yeah, I'll take the net one any day of the week, makes a lot more sense.

Damian said...

I could really make good use of the coffee brewing arrow. Particularly if I don't have to be all that accurate with it. This way I just stumble downstairs, fire it in the vicinity of coffee, and that's that.

If this comes to fruition, I require either schematics or the real deal.